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How To Load a Motorcycle into a Pickup Truck

Published on 14/05/2013 By

Tweet Loading a motorcycle into the back of a pickup truck can be surprisingly tricky. This basic guide to the process should help you through it. Supplies You’ll Need: – Motorcycle Tie-Down Straps – Motorcycle Ramp – An able-bodied buddy. Steps: 1. Park on a firm, level surface and clear your truck’s bed of any […]

Bell Rogue: the most badass motorcycle helmet out there

Published on 09/01/2013 By admin

“For years, our sales reps and dealers have had cruiser riders lamenting about the need to lose their bandanas for an open face helmet that’s got the attitude and style that they seek, but also provides some facial coverage for wet, cold or other harsh riding conditions,” says Bell. “The Rogue is hands down the […]

What patents can tell us about your next motorcycle

Published on 05/01/2013 By admin

It used to be that we’d have to wait for spy photos, leaked info or rumor to glean info on future motorcycles. But now, thanks to publicly available patent archives freely available on the Internet, it’s possible to find real information, directly from the source — the R&D departments at companies like Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki […]

How the motorcycle stunts in Skyfall were filmed

Published on 28/10/2012 By admin

Daniel Craig rides a Honda CRF250R as James Bond in the franchise’s latest film, ‘Skyfall.’ Here, the stuntmen who put together the movie’s jump sequences show you how the created and practiced for the film’s rooftop jumps. Hell for Leather

Why wearing jeans on a motorcycle is a really bad idea

Published on 14/10/2012 By admin

In the ranks of embarrassing pictures you could have posted on the Internet of yourself, I’m going to guess this one is close to the top. Yeah, that’s my ass, clearly visible through my shredded Y-fronts, rubbed raw and bleeding from sliding down the road. Those undies provided about as much protection as the Levis […]