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How To Load a Motorcycle into a Pickup Truck

Published on 14/05/2013 By

Tweet Loading a motorcycle into the back of a pickup truck can be surprisingly tricky. This basic guide to the process should help you through it. Supplies You’ll Need: – Motorcycle Tie-Down Straps – Motorcycle Ramp – An able-bodied buddy. Steps: 1. Park on a firm, level surface and clear your truck’s bed of any […]

Turning Triumphs into furniture

Published on 25/12/2010 By admin

Design students at England’s Birmingham City University temporarily put down their torches and pick axes and picked up a whole pile of Triumph Bonneville T100 parts, turning them into a variety of furniture and household accessories for a class project. Spokes became baskets, headlamps became regular lamps, seat covers became doggie blankets and a grip/brake […]