Want your own Indian Motorcycle?

Current model Indian Motorcycles are now available in Australia with full registration available in any state.
To celebrate, we have a limited time offer until the end of 2010.
This offers covers:
                Shipping your Indian Motorcycle from LA to Brisbane
               Customs entries fees
               Quarantine fees
                 Port charges
               Compliance of your Indian motorcycle to Australian Standards
               Fitting of Used Import Plate (by Qld Imports Pty Ltd)
               Shipping your Indian Motorcycle to nearest metropolitan depot for pickup OR
                                    Single air fare to Brisbane for you to collect your Indian motorcycle
               Queensland Safety Certificate (if requested)

Import your Indian Motorcycle:-  all inclusive price only $6000.

You would be responsible for purchase of your Indian motorcycle, payment of GST when it arrives in Australia and registration charges.
We can also locate an Indian Motorcycle to your requirements and arrange shipping to our LA depot (extra charges may apply).

To import your Indian Motorcycle

or for more inforrmation, contact Bruce on 0420 310 784,
email Qld Imports (getmeanindian@qldimports.com)

or use the contact form below.



Indian Motorcycle



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