Import a Harley

Is it possible to Import Harley Davidsons to Australia?

The simple answer is yes, it is possible to import Harley motorcycles into Australia. Note that the same applies to other brands, in fact almost any motorcycle.

There are 3 ways this can be done.

If the Harley Davisdon motorcycle was built before 1 January 1989, any motorcycle can be imported and it is up to each state registering authority as to what requirements they want to register the motorcycle.

If you have owned and use the Harley  Davidson overseas for more than 12 months continuously, it can be imported as a Personally Imported Motorcycle.

If you wish to, or are able to, import Harley Davidson motorcycles under either othese 2 conditions, you will need to apply for an Import Approval in your own name.

The third way to import Harley Davidson motorcycles is through the Registered Automotive Workshop Scheme (RAWS). 

Import Harley Davidson through Qld Imports

Qld Imports is one of the few companies which has completed all the testing necessary to fit Used Import plates to imported motorcycles.This was an expensive and time consuming task as each model and variant had to be tested to ensure it complied with current Australian Design Rules (ADRs).

However, now that we have done that, the procedure we offer to you to import Harley Davidson motorcycles is relatively straightforward.

Procedure to import Harley Davidson Motorcycles

To import Harley Davidson motorcycles, you should follow this simple procedure:-

  1. Locate the Harley Davidson you wish to purchase.
  2. Obtain the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and month and year of manufacture and photographs of these.
  3. email this information and photos to
  4. Wait for your Import Approval to be emailed back (usually after 7-10 days).
  5. Arrange shipping to Qld Imports.
  6. Collect your Harley Davidson motorcycle from Qld Imports and enjoy riding your new motorcycle.

Qld Imports will arrange the following:-

  1. Check for recalls and correct model identification
  2. Import Approval which will be emailed back to you on receipt.
  3. Compliance to Australian Standards
  4. Fitting of Used Import Plate
  5. Return of any removed parts (if requested)

Qld Imports can also, optionally, arrange the following if requested:-

  • locate and purchase a Harley Davidson to your specifications
  • shipping internally in the USA to Los Angeles
  • shipping from LA to Australia
  • transportation from Brisbane wharfs to Qld Imports workshop
  • Qld Safety Certificate
  • Registeration in your name in Queensland
  • Transport in Australia to your home or other specified address


We would be pleased to answer any questions you might have and look forward to helping you take delivery of your import Harley Davidson.

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