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Qld Imports Pty Ltd (Qld Imports) operates under the Registered Automotive Workshop Scheme (RAWS) which allows companies to import used vehicles and comply them to Australian requirements. These vehicles can then be registered in any state.

Qld Imports location

Qld Imports workshop is in West End, Brisbane, conveniently located near Southbank and the CBD and close to bus, train and ferry routes.

We don't sell cars or motorcycles yet but are more than happy to purchase on your behalf and arrange shipping to Australia and Customs Clearance when your vehicle arrives. We will then modify the vehicle to meet Government requirements (and your own if it is a campervan) and supply a Queensland Safety Certificate if needed. Qld Imports can also arrange Queensland Registrataion if you wish.

Alternatively, we can complete a similar service on your own vehicle if you would prefer to arrange purchase and shipping yourself. A few things you should be aware of:

  • All vehicles are required by the regulations to be fitted with new tyres and
  • either original spec used, new OEM or new brand as tested, brake pads.
  • Brake fluid must also be changed and,
  • on cars and 4WDs, new air and fuel filters fitted. (Other items may also need to be replaced.)

So there is little point fitting new tyres before dropping off your vehicle as they will just be changed again. All vehicles must remain in our Qld Imports' workshop until the Used Import Plate is fitted.


Qld Imports range of vehicles

For a list of vehicles Qld Imports can comply for you, click here. (we can of course, also arrnage shipping of other vehicles)

Contact Qld Imports

Prefered method of contact is email: info@qldimports.com.

Or simply use the form below.


Qld Imports telephone number is 07 3255 1631 and our office hours are 9:30am to 3:30pm (Queensland  or REAL time) Monday to Friday. We may not be able to answer your call outside these times.


PO Box 3649,


Phone 07 3255 1631 Fax: 07 3255 1630



For imformation on transporting motor vehicles and motorcycles from the USA to Australia, please contact Bruce on 0420 310 784.


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Thank you for visiting us at Qld Imports.

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